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PHOTOS By: DA-WOODY.COM / Dennis St.Onge

After 12 years of shooting on San Diego Bay I have been given a chance to shoot some different things I could never see before
I can not begin to tell you just how COOL it is to have the freedom to glide or hover over our Beautiful Coast &/or Back Country
me photos and HD-Video's shot from this Helicopter w/o me door are beginning to appear in this gallery
Join me as I broaden my Horizons - as well as yours

Please Enjoy the following Photo Collections Posted with Most Current Event on Top
 As well as a few hundred HD-Videos on me YouTube Channel :-)
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DA-WOODY.COM / Dennis St.Onge's YouTube Channel

2015 Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race
Click for --> PHOTOS


Saturday March 14th - Click for ---> PHOTOS

2014 SDYC Hot Rum Regatta
Photos of Race -->  # 1, # 2, # 3

Click on Race Number for Photos
  *with Opening HAT Day at Del Mar PIX
 Race # 01 02 03 04 05
     06 07* 08 09 10   

67th Annual Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race
  Click for Party and Race Start Photos 

2014 SDYC New Years Day Race

2013 SDYC Hot Rum Regatta
2013 Hot Rum Regatta
Race # 01 ,02, 03

Click for Photos 

2013 Race # 01,02, 03, 04 , 05,
                                    06, 07, 08, 09,10

2013 San Diego Yacht Clubs 128th Opening Day
Click for Photos  Click for Photos

2013 NOOD Regatta Photos --> Friday - Saturday - Sunday

2013 San Diego Yacht Club NEW YEAR'S DAY Race --> PHOTOS

Photos --> Race # 01 - 02 - 03

America's CUP World Series

San Francisco California USA 10/03/2012
And a Drive from TAHOE to San Diego --> PHOTOS

2012 Flying Tiger 10m

North American Championship Photos --> SATURDAY / SUNDAY

2012 Race #
 01, 02, 03, 0405,
 06, 07, 08
, 09, 10

Photos -->   Saturday  -  Sunday

2012 LEXUS

  127th SDYC Opening Day 2012
2012 SGYC America's Schooner CUP
2012 SDYC NOOD Regatta
Saturday Photos    Sunday Photos

2012 SDYC Puerto Vallarto Race
Thursday Photos Friday Photos

2012 CYC Flying Tiger 10-M idwinters

2012 SDYC New Years Day Race

click here for photos

America's Cup AC-45 World Series

Click for:> "Behind the Scenes Setup"   "FRI-11th" - "SUN-13th" - "MON-14th"
 Wed-16th "Fleet" & "Time Trial's"
- "Thu-17th" - "Sat-19th" - "Sun-20th"
"Behind the Scenes Tear-Down, Pack-Up & Leave" :-(

2011 SDYC HOT RUM Regatta

Race # 01 - 02 - 03

2011 Little Ensenada Race
This once Mighty race to Ensenada has fallen hard
and needs your help to get back up: Enjoy -> Race Start Photos 

2011 Flying Tiger PCC
And CYC Fall Sport Boat Regatta

Visit:  SOUTHCOAST YACHTS  Home-Page or on FaceBook
  Photos -> SAT - SUN

2011 Festival of Sail
arriving into the Port of San Diego
Along with a nice South Swell for Surfers @ Ralph's

2011 Lipton Cup Challenge
Hosted by the Defender - SDYC
Saturday - Sunday

2011 Opening "HAT DAY" at the Del Mar Racetrack

2011 4th of JULY Tour of:
Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla

2011 Summer Beer Cans
Race # 01, 02, 03, 04,
 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10

2011 Opening Day Race

2011 SDYC Yachting Cup
Saturday - SoBay / Sunday - Coronado Roads 

64th Newport to Ensenada
International Yacht Race
A short 125.5 nautical miles of Ocean separating 2 Great Parties

2011 Etchells MidWinters

2011 CRA Gerry Browne Photos Posted
with a few Schooners too :-)

2011 CRA Winter Series-3
Photos Posted - by Popular Demand :-)

Thank You Racers for showing your support (again) !!

2011 Congressional Cup
Photos --> Day-1 Tuesday March 22

2011 RC44 / San Diego

Photos  ---> 03/02/2011

2011San Diego Yacht Club

Stills & Videos / Racing on the Roads SUN. Feb.-13/2011

2011 CRA Winter Regatta
2011 New Years Day

2010 Year End Regatta
2010 SDYC HOT Rum Series Race # 01, 02, 03
2010 CRA Fall Regatta

2010 CRA Halloween Regatta

2010 San Diego to ENSENADA Race

2010 Sailing Anarchy's SouthBay

WHIRLD's of the WHIRLD Regatta

2010 CRA Sharp HospiceCare Regatta

2010 Summer BEER CAN Series

Celebrating 10 Years

of Shooting Every CRA Beer Can Race without fail
That will be over 100 Beer Can Races by this Series End
CRA took down my 1st 4 years of photos posted by Ken Gust and though I've asked many times won't let me post them on my site :-(  ????
Race # 01, 02, 03, 04, 05,
 06, 07, 08, 09, 10
check out race #-08 for this years Del Mar Opening "HAT" Day photos :-)

2010 Challenged America Benefit Regatta
Hosted by: Cortez Racing Association

2010 CRA Opening Day Race

2010 SDYC Yachting Cup
Saturday  -  Sunday

2010 Newport to Ensenada Race
and a few BCYC Party Pix

2010 CRA Gerry Browne Regatta
Coronado Roads -
 South Bay
Sat - Sun

2010 CRA Winter Series
Race # 01 - 02 - 03

SCYA 2010 MidWinters
SDYC Vallarta Race 2010

2010 CRA Winter Regatta
2010 San Diego Yacht Club
New Years Day Race

2009 CRA YearEnd Regatta

2009 San Diego Yacht Club
Hot Rum Regatta

Race # 01, 02, 03

2009 CRA Halloween Regatta

2009 San Diego to Ensenada Race
A race complete - for those who like to compete

Sailing Anarchy's Inaugural

Saturday - Sunday

2009 CRA Around DA-Coronados Race
CRA's 2009 Sharp HospiceCare Regatta

Click on a link below & Enjoy !!
Race # 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10

Check out race #08 for my adventures @
Opening "HAT DAY" @ Del Mar

Cortez Racing Association's
Challenged America Benefit Regatta

CRA Opening Day Race '09
"a taste of Hot Rum in late Spring"

Leukemia Cup
Yachting Cup SAT - Yachting Cup SUN

2009 Newport to Ensenada

2009 CRA Gerry Browne Regatta
Sponsored by


Friday ----- *Saturday ----- Sunday
*West Course / *Coronados Roads

2009 CRA Winter Series - Race #  01, 02, 03
2009 SCYA MidWinters


CRA 2009 Winter Regatta
2009 SDYC JR Invitational
SWYC 09 Cabrillo Race #1
Around the Coronados

2009 SDYC New Years Day Race 
2008 CRA Year End Regatta

SDYC 2008
Race: #01  #02  #03

Cortez Racing Association's
2008  Halloween regatta

2008 San Diego to Ensenada Yacht Race

2008 National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic

Americas Cup "Deed of Gift" Challenge Boat
Arriving in San Diego under cover of darkness

2008 Beneteau Cup

SDYC September 20 - 21

1928 Steam Powered - Historic Train
Takes a rest in Bay Park / Mission Bay - San Diego

Coronado Yacht Club And Cortez Racing Association
present the 2008
Sharp Hospice Regatta

Summer Beer Can Series

Click on number to view photos:
Race #
01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10

CRA 2008 Summer Regatta
CRA Opening Day 2008

2008 RedBull AirRace

2008 SDYC Yachting Cup

SDYC 2008 Leukemia Cup
Sailing on Stars & Stripes with Dennis Conner

2008 Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race

2008 *Gerry Browne Regatta
*In Memory of CRA's Original Yacht Race Photographer !


Click on link below for photos
Friday - Saturday - Sunday

2008 Winter Series # 03

2008 VALLARTA Race

Race Start Photos
Race Tracker

2008 SCYA MidWinters
Hosted by SDYC - Saturday
Hosted by MBYC - Sunday

Cortez Racing Association
2008 Winter Regatta

2008 SDYC New Years Day Race

2007 CRA Year End Regatta
2007 SDYC Hot Rum Regatta

Race:---> 01, 02, 03

Mr Wind: a short friendship with a wild Hawk

2007 CRA Halloween Regatta

North Sails 3DL tour
Minden Nevada

 2007 Olympic Trials
49er Class: Sat 10/06/07

49er Class: Sun 10/07/07

Tornado Class: Thur 10/11/07

2007 San Diego to Ensenada Yacht Race

Coronada Yacht Club
Cortez Racing Association

Host Clubs for the
Sharp Hospice Regatta

 Cortez Racing Association
2007 Summer Beer Can Series
Brought to you by:



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Please Read Conditions of use Before Downloading Images Thank You !
Click on linked race # below to view photos
2007 Beer Can Series: Race
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
Links will be added as soon as photos are posted, hopefully by noon Thursday

4th of July Newport Beach CA. 2007

2007 Cortez Racing Association
Summer Regatta

Are you ready to get away and leave the rat race behind ??
Please join me as I take a 24 hour romp to Reno NV. & back

 Click --
over 1,400 photos
--> San Diego to Reno,In a truck
 Click --
over 700 photos
--> Reno to San Diego,By air

CRA 2007
 Opening Day Regatta

In 1993, the Ton Cup was added to the Yachting Cup as a Friday afternoon "tune-up" race. Since 1997, the Ton Cup's participants have raised contributions to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of their Leukemia Cup Series. Last year, we raised over $92,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Saturday    Sunday

2007 BCYC Party and NEWPORT to ENSENADA Race / Start Photos

2007 Gerry Browne Regatta

Friday   Saturday Sunday

07 CRA Winter Series
Race # 1              Race # 2              Race # 3
SCYA Offshore Midwinters
SDYC - One Design   SWYC - PHRF : SAT
MBYC - One Design : Sunday

CRA 2007 Winter Regatta
Race 1 + 2

SDYC 2007

New Years Day Race


 Race Results

2006 Year End Regatta
Photos / Race 1 + 2

Click to see an 8.5 meg WMV Movie ---- > Start of Race # 2 

San Diego Yacht Club
2006 Hot Rum Regatta

 Click links below to view photos

Race #1       Race #2      Race #3


Cortez Racing Association

2006 Halloween Regatta

<>2006 San Diego to Ensenada

International Yacht Race

Cortez Racing Association

AUGUST 26th 2006

Cortez Racing Association

2006 BeerCan Series


Brought to you by:



( A Restaurant'ay Excellant'ay )


Remember: Before photos are posted you may enjoy a Sneak Preview (A Director's Cut)
of that days race at Fiddlers Green,
( The Only "Authorized" Slide Shows of my Photos)
 Served with Great Food and Drinks
Many of the photos you can see at Fiddlers Won't make the Gallery (for many Reasons :-)
So make sure to check them out and See if you can pick the ones that will or won't make it !

Sadly to say we might have reached the point that
 I shall have to Brand/Watermark all photos to retain controll of them :-(
I tried my best to not have to do that for as long as I could.
Thank You to everyone who has respected the  Conditions of Use  in the past!

For each
Races Photos, Click on Links below ( linked as posted )
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
* Unbelievably: at the Final Beer Can after-race Party
It was announced  by CRA, that everyone should go to another web sight to view
"All the Beautiful Photos from the Beer Can Races"
Bad enough someone would use my photos without written permission
and then refuse to remove them when asked "in writing"
But to have an announcement made by CRA
 not only acknowledgeing but Promoteing the unauthorized use of my Photos
Is Unacceptable

I ask all racers to Please help me protect my photos,
so I can still go out and get them for your enjoyment !
How ?
You have most likely looked through my Galleries
and should at least remember the photos I took of You.
Should you find one of the photos I took of you on another web sight
Please Ask that it be Removed
The only other thing that can be done is for me to "BRAND"  all of my photos
It's a last resort that I tried to avoid but

I can't be providing content for another web sight that gets promoted by CRA for using my photos ?

2006 ComMikeDore's Regatta

2006 Summer Regatta

The Ancient Mariners Society

2006 Yesteryear Regatta

Cortez Racing Association

2006 Opening Day Regatta

  SDYC 2006 Yachting Cup

SDYC 2006

.2006 Gerry Browne Regatta

San Diego Yacht Club
Off Shore Racing:  Day One  Sorry Day Two Irish Pneumonia :-)  Day Three

San Diego Yacht Club
2006 Etchells Midwinters

Ancient Mariners Sailing Society
20 Guinea Cup # 2

San Diego Yacht Club
Beneteau 40.7     Columbia 30      J 120      Snipe
2006 SCYA  Midwinters

San Diego Yacht Club

2006 Vallarta Race

SDYC One Design Weekend Sat Feb /11 / 2006

Stark Raving Mad

Out Sailing for the first time

CRA  2006 Winter Series
Race 1          Race 2        Race 3
  And          2006 Winter Regatta

SDYC 2006 One Design Weekend  /  Day One

San Diego Yacht Club
2006 New Years Day Race


Click for 2004 Hot Rom Photos 
SDYC 2005
RACE#1     RACE#2      RACE#3

2005 San Diego to Ensenada Yacht Race


Sharp HpspiceCare Benefit Regatta 2005
Sharp HpspiceCare Benefit Regatta 2005


MAY  07  1940  -   JULY  24  2005

Please take a moment to Pay Respect to the "Best Friend" Anyone ever had
Robert Gongora who died before playing Golf  on JULY  24th  2005

CRA 2005 BeerCan Series
PHOTOS By: DA-WOODY.COM / Dennis St.Onge

Brought to you by:

Cortez Racing Association
A Nonprofit California Corporation

 ( A Restaurant'ay Excellant'ay )

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

2005 US Snipe Nationals

2005 Summer Regatta

Night With The Stars

A Special evening benefiting the 2005 Challenged America Transpac Team

2005 Opening Day Regatta

2005 Gerry Browne Regatta


FRIDAY- So.Bay    SUNDAY - Ocean

  CRA 2005 Winter Series Race 3

CRA 2005
 Winter Series 1+2

CRA 2004 Year End Regatta   and First Race of 2005

Click for 2004 Hot Rom Photos 
SDYC 2004
RACE#1     RACE#2      RACE#3

  CRA 2004 Two Race Halloween Regatta  

Sharp HpspiceCare Benefit Regatta 2004
Sharp HpspiceCare Benefit Regatta 2004


 2004 Little Race for Little People

4th of July Newport Beach CA.

Mari Cha IV in San Diego

2004 Newport to Ensenada Party and Race Photos

2004 Summer BeerCan Series:
Race # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


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