Dear Cortez Racing Association Members and Racers
You now can start your Club on a path to a Healthy Future and watch it Grow :-)
At the end of this year, you will once again be asked by the CRA-BOD
to approve yet another proposed slate that the CRA-BOD has put together on its own.
That is the only time this year you can count on being asked about your thoughts

THIS YEAR "WE the Membership" need to have Our Own slate ready to Vote into place!
A Clean Fresh Start with Board Members from the Racing Fleet - Not Outsiders
At first We'll need some help from people who were part of the CRA-BOD in the past
to help groom Volunteers to become qualified to Lead CRA "FOR" the Membership

We DO NOT need to declare who is interested in any position until the Year End Party
We may have more than one choice for any given position

We need to propose ByLaw changes to help prevent future CRA-BOD's
from operating without input from or consideration for the desires of the Membership
Voting positions on the CRA-BOD need to be held exclusively
by members of the "Racing Fleet"
We need to perform some ByLaw reform to add guidance for future CRA-BOD's
By writing proper proposals & voting them into place at the year end party

I will Not be running this campaign just helping people get together to start it off
If You are up for the task or know someone that would be a Good Candidate
Now is the time to get involved  - Who would You like to work with ?
We can build our own "Dream Team" and get the Full set of CRA Keys come January
It is Most Important that this all take place in a manor to preserve CRA's Rich History

Be a part of the Solution, Contact  Dennis@DA-WOODY.COM
This page shall change as things fall into place, keep checking back
(anything that might sound like a reference to current CRA-BOD's is pure coincidence)