By Dennis St.Onge

Above photo courtesy of BOB GRIESER


Well it finally happened !
The One thing Everyone fears the Most
I Outlived My Johnson :-(
After many flawless years of pushing me along
wherever I pointed my bow my 30 hp 2 stroke Died!
Johnson has a Great Product that served me well
After much research and weighing all factors I have chosen
the MERCURY F50 BIG FOOT 4 Stroke to power
DA-WOODY.COM into the next Century !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at the present time I am near the end of a complete
re-outfitting of my Yacht

Parked at the San Diego Yacht Club


Visit the link below and see the reasons I picked a MERCURY 4 Stroke over all the other Motors available and I know  you'll find a Motor that is perfect for your Boat Too !


Dear Guest's
Please accept my sincerest apologies for the temporary
layout of my page. I have so much to put on my sight and
I have yet to master a new program..
 This page is "COOL", but will take awhile to load.
So why not go get a beverage
   or two, and come back, and enjoy your stay!
 The purpose of this sight is to let You
share my experiences with me, both past and future !
 DA-WOODY.COM was originally constructed
by SEA WORLD in first sporting green paint
and then at some point a red paint job,
This little Woody was born a "Show Boat" and retired a
veteran of countless shows
taking a real beating along the way
and withstanding the test of time until
being laid to rest in the back of a prop yard

( This is where I come in )
I was very fortunate to have stumbled upon and then be  given the opportunity to purchase the battered remains of this car/boat that was loaded onto a trailer by sticking the forks of a lift through the side windows and
raising it by the roof as I looked on.
Even after I put it in
my driveway and pondered a few day's
I still couldn't decide just what the heck I had acquired,
what to do with it, or even  why !
Well about a week later I decided
that I would keep it after all
as it might be fun to take with me to the
I.J.S.B.A. World Finals in Lake Havasue Arizona
I don't believe in fairy tales
as I began to work on it, something definitely did happen
(I know that's what work is supposed to be like)
This was not unlike in "Frosty the Snowman" I mean after
a fresh coat of bright yellow paint, some working
head/tail lights and an almost new outboard,
the old woody came back to life ! You can tell it's special !
This boat spent 25 years performing in shows
making people happy was its "whole life"
and the reason it came to be in the first place : )
You can feel it, I swear it's true ! !
OK OK ! Enough of that for now.
The 2nd outing for the born-again performer was a very
wet sea trial. With no windshield, good sized waves,
and a steady breeze, I headed out to see the trials of the
1992 AMERICA'S CUP off of Point Loma
and fell into the open arms of the
International Yacht Racing Community
(Who would have thought?)
I was chased by the media and appeared in race coverage
around the world in newspapers, magazines, and television !
The media jokingly referred to the Woody as the
2nd most photographed Yacht of the regatta
and there were 2 Yachts in "The Race".
1992 was fantastic and the
1995 AMERICA'S CUP was even better.
More press, seeing old friends and making new ones !
I am dedicated to going to the
and not just to hangout on the shore,
but to visit all my friends
out on the water at the races in my Car/Boat ! !

Please keep checking back regularly
my New Page will be up very soon.
I will keep working on it until its ready !
Until then even I can't stand
how long this page takes to load.
All right You can say it, my page is slower than

Now is this COOL or what ! I just finally received the
and "WOW" I have my own page this is "HUGE"

This is about  144  years (in 1995) of a race always between the
BIGGEST and the BEST of the YACHTING World
To have been "Doused" by a wave or to feel a gust of wind
that these racers may have shared was an honor!
To be included in this documentary, I can not put into words !!!!!!!!!

Yes the parrot was wearing a straw hat (very sunny day)

I hope you enjoy the sample pictures on this page.
In addition to lots more of these, and
"By popular demand"
I will be putting back the archives of My summer

1992 Americas Cup

Sports Illustrtated May 25 1992 did'nt get my own page
but I did get my own picture on the same page (29)
as the winner of the America's Cup '92



Page (21)
Reading the Official program on my way out to the races

September 1992

If my mother didn't show me this one, I never would have believed it,
but here I am in a tabloid "center page" with what's his name on the cover
and everything is COOL. Another good article !!!

Oct. 3rd 1995

Some things may never change!
I Hope !!

April 1998 ( Pages 40, 42-43 )

Ok You just can't show all the boats
in a 3 page article on a 50 year old race with over 500 Yachts


SAIL August 1997
50th Newport/Ensenada race
569 yachts entered. Now what would have all these boats
pointed to the center of this picture below ? ( page 44 )

Well no one had ever seen one during the
first 49 years of this race

: )

APRIL 26, 1997 "Front Page"

APRIL 25, 1998 "Front Page"

JULY 4th 1998   A.L.Y.C. Newport Beach



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